Pragmatic Project Approach for Delivery of Change

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This course provides a complete framework/guidance for running a project from start to finish. You are given all the necessary tools, techniques, lifecycle and roles details.

Course Curriculum

P06 The Project Environment
P07 The Organization Environment
P09 The Triangle
P10 Principles
P11 Business Case
P13 Stakeholder Engagement
P18 Risk Snapshot
P19 Risk

What's included?

29 Videos
5 Quizzes
14 Texts
Antony della Porta
Antony della Porta
Founder of SPM - Instructor/Advisor

About the instructor

Hi, I am Antony and I have been working in the change delivery arena for many years.I recently started to run instructional courses to provide some insight, guidance and advice with running projects and programmes to deliver change. Previously I recovered troubled projects and programmes.

Instructor - Accredited

MSP Advanced Practitioner®, AgilePgM®, AgilePM®, AgileBA®, PRINCE2®, GPM® and PRiSM®

Practitioner - MoP® and M_o_R® 

We have called the way we are presenting these subjects - PIVOT, (a turning point)

 PIVOT - Pragmatic Instructional Video On-Line Training

The Sustainable PM is an initiative providing PMs (Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers) with content, advice, information, news and anything else that helps us keep current and future-proofed, Sustainable.

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