HOW TO Run a Project

This course provides a complete framework/guidance for running a project from start to finish. You are given all the necessary tools, techniques, lifecycle and roles details.


The PRINCE2 Lifecycle Walkthrough

A full 1 hour detailed overview of PRINCE2 from Mandate to Closure. Discusses the relevance of activities, roles, docs and actions as we go. Enough to be really prepared for the course, should you wish to attend one.


The AgilePM Lifecycle Walkthrough

A full 1 hour detailed overview of AgilePM. Takes you through a high-level view of the method from Pre- to Post-Project. This session will give you a good overview to prepare you for the full AgilePM course.


Introduction to The Sustainable PM

Welcome to The Sustainable PM site of courses in project management. Please read and watch here first.


The Project Fundamentals

A series of videos to act as "refreshers" (reminders) or, for those new to this profession, a better understanding to some of the standard concepts in projects


The Project Themes

Short Course - The Project Themes